IEEE P802.3ca 50G-EPON Task Force

Meeting Materials

January 21-24, 2020
Geneva, Switzerland
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Agenda, Minutes, Administrative Matters
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Meeting agenda agenda_3ca_1_0120.pdf
15KB | 21-Jan-2020 02:46:36 EST
General Information and Opening Remarks Curtis Knittle CableLabs tf_opening_3ca_1_0120.pdf
1.7MB | 22-Jan-2020 14:11:51 EST
Approved Minutes of the November 2019 meeting minutes_approved_3ca_1119.pdf
213KB | 22-Jan-2020 14:11:51 EST
Unapproved Minutes of January 2020 meeting minutes_unapproved_3ca_0120.pdf
204KB | 22-Jan-2020 14:11:51 EST
Comments on 802.3ca Draft
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Received comments against D3.0 802d3ca_D3_0_received.pdf
26KB | 7-Jan-2020 16:19:37 EST
Editor's proposed responses — All received comments 802d3ca_D3_0_proposed.pdf
27KB | 7-Jan-2020 15:25:30 EST
All resolved comments 802d3ca_D3_0_approved.pdf
29KB | 22-Jan-2020 14:03:28 EST
Supplemental file for comment #i-15 Mark Laubach Broadcom 103097500003-laubach_3ca_1_0120.txt
5.0KB | 19-Dec-2019 17:47:38 EST
Technical Contributions
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Post-deadline Contributions
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Submissions from the floor
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25 Gbd/s Stressed RX Sensitivity (SRS) in 802.3ca Bill Powell Nokia powell_3ca_1a_0120.pdf
374KB | 22-Jan-2020 14:13:26 EST
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