IEEE 802.3 Improving PTP Timestamping Accuracy Task Force

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April 20, 2020

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General Information
Agenda and General Information April 20, 2020 Steve Gorshe

Approved Previous Minutes (Jan. 2020) 
Shawn Nicholl

Approved minutes of this meeting   April 13, 2020 Dino Pozzebon

Liaison Letters
Timestamping Inaccuracy Sources and Considerations
Contribution to 802.3cx: Clarifications on Timestamp Impact due to Codeword Marker Insertion/Deletions
Mark Bordogna
Timestamp Inaccuracy Due to Different Reference Points
Richard Tse
Microchip Technology
Path delay variance from multi-PCS lane distribution May 12, 2020 Richard Tse
Microchip Technology
Timestamp Inaccuracy Due to Idle Insert/Delete for AMs
Richard Tse
Microchip Technology
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