IEEE 802.3 Improving PTP Timestamping Accuracy Task Force

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May 12, 2020

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Agenda and General Information May 12, 2020 Steve Gorshe

Approved Previous Minutes (April 2020) 
Dino Pozzebon

Approved minutes of this meeting   July 22, 2020 Dino Pozzebon

Liaison Letters
Timestamping Inaccuracy Sources and Considerations
Improving PTP Timestamping Accuracy on Ethernet Interfaces
Xiang He
Considerations for Forward Error Correction (FEC) Mechanisms
Richard Tse
Microchip Technology
Path delay variance from multi PCS lane distribution
Richard Tse
Microchip Technology
Implementation Considerations for PHY Delays
Richard Tse
Microchip Technology
Multilane Timestamp Error Analysis Spreadsheet May 18, 2020 Richard Tse
Microchip Technology
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