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IEEE P802.3da 10 Mb/s Single Pair Multidrop Segments Enhancement Task Force
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July 2022 Meeting Material
12 July 2022, Montreal, Canada
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Title Size/File Date Author(s) Affiliation
Meeting Agenda 1MB/12-July-2022 Chad Jones Cisco Systems, Inc.
Minutes (Approved 14 Sept 2022) 4MB/12-August-2022 Peter Jones Cisco Systems, Inc.

802.3 Multidrop Mixing Segment Specifications 415KB/12-July-2022 Chris DiMinico PHY-SI LLC/SenTekse
Multi-drop network measurements 1MB/12-July-2022 Wayne Larsen CommScope
Noise Environment Definition 1MB/11-July-2022 Piergiorgio Beruto OnSemi
RX Model Proposal 840KB/12-July-2022 Piergiorgio Beruto OnSemi
Consensus Model Update 1MB/12-July-2022 Michael Paul Analog Devices
802.3da Open Questions - Post discussion update 62KB/12-July-2022 Jason Potterf Cisco Systems, Inc.
Receive Mode Collisions 646KB/12-July-2022 Piergiorgio Beruto OnSemi

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