IEEE P802.3db 100 Gb/s, 200 Gb/s, and 400 Gb/s Short Reach Fiber Task Force

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Task Force Telephonic Plenary Meeting
July 19, 2021

Last Update: 5-August-2021

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General Information
Agenda and General Information  updated 20-Jul-2021 Robert Lingle, Jr
Motions 20-Jul-2021 Task Force

Meeting Minutes Approved 05-Aug-2021
Mabud Choudhury
TR-42 Liaison to IEEE re FOTP-455-30 16-Jul-2021

TR-42 Liaison to IEEE re FOTP-455-54 16-Jul-2021

Draft Liaison from IEEE 802d3 WG to TIA TR-42 re FOTP-455-30 19-Jul-2021
Task Force

Draft Liaison from IEEE 802d3 WG to TIA TR-42 re FOTP-455-54 19-Jul-2021
Task Force

Background Information on Draft Liaison Letters from IEEE 802.3 WG to TIA TR-42 re FOTP 30 & FOTP 54 20-Jul-2021
Mabud Choudhury
Robert Lingle, Jr.
802.3db Editors Report and Comment Agenda
16-Jul-2021 Earl Parsons
Ramana Murty
Broadcom Inc.
Big Picture for VR, and Interoperability  updated
20-Jul-2021 Ramana Murty
Broadcom Inc.
Extending wavelength for -VR PMD, in support of D1.1 comments 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17 (Updates lewis_3db_01_070121)
16-Jul-2021 David Lewis
Background on TDECQ Equalizer and Equalizer Options for 50 m PMD (addressing comments 71 and 72)  updated
30-Jul-2021 Ali Ghiasi
Ghiasi Quantum
Minimum TX Launch Power in OMA Shall Be Constrained by TECQ (In support of comment #11)
15-Jul-2021 Yi Tang