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[802.3BA] FW: Late arriving liaison from the OIF

Please see the following regarding the liaison from the OIF regarding their CEI-28G-VSR effort. 

As discussed, the ad hoc to generate a proposed response / action plan to present to the WG, will meet Wed from 9am to 10am in Grand Sierra H (where the optics group will be meeting.



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Subject: [STDS-802-3] Late arriving liaison from the OIF


During the IEEE 802.3 Working Group opening plenary, Mr. John D'Ambrosia reviewed the text of draft liaison letter from the OIF to the IEEE 802.3 Working Group with an update to the OIF CEI-28G-VSR project. Mr. D'Ambrosia indicated that the OIF ballot to approve the letter was expected to close that day, and the official liaison letter delivered shortly thereafter.

I posted the DRAFT liaison letter that was reviewed at the meeting to:

The IEEE 802.3 Working Group Chair, Mr. David Law, appointed the IEEE P802.3ba Task Force to develop a recommendation for a course of action to be considered at the closing plenary, should the official letter be received.

The official liaison from the OIF was received yesterday and has been posted to:

The liaison included the following attachment:

Per the direction set at the opening plenary, a course of action with respect to this liaison will be considered at the closing plenary.

Thank you,
Adam Healey
IEEE 802.3 Working Group Secretary