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The IEEE 802.11™ Working Group for Wireless LANs develops wireless communication standards comparable to wired-LAN Ethernet standards. It focuses on the interface among wireless clients and a base station or access point, as well as among wireless clients.

Task Group e - Quality of Service approved for Sponsor Ballot
Task Group e resolved all comments from the last Sponsor Ballot and is in the final stages of preparing for a Sponsor Recirculation Ballot, which should occur as soon as it can be scheduled. The IEEE P802.11e amendment will provide for standardized Quality of Service (QoS) to enhance voice, video and other time-bounded or prioritized network traffic.

IEEE 802.11i Security Specification complete
The IEEE 802.11i Task Group did not meet in July because on June 24th the IEEE Standards Board gave its approval for 802.11i to become an official amendment of IEEE 802.11.  The IEEE will now prepare the document for publication.

Task Group j resolves comments from Sponsor Ballot
The TGj Working Group worked on resolving comments from their recent Sponsor Ballot. A Sponsor Recirculation Ballot will be issued as soon as possible. The IEEE P802.11j amendment specifies how products must operate for use in the newly allocated 4.9 - 5 GHz frequency bands in Japan.

Task Group k Radio Resource Measurement
The group continues to refine their document in preparation for a Working Group Letter Ballot. After extensive review within the Task Group, the concensus is that the document is ready for a Working Group letter ballot which will be issued as soon as possible.

Task Group m - Maintenance
At the July meeting the Maintenance group continued to address items on the work list.  TGm also received and adopted three submissions regarding revisions to the standard. 

Task Group n - High Throughput
Having completed the preparatory documents (
Channel Models, Functional Requirements, Comparison Criteria, and Usage Models), the High Throughput Task Group planned out the next few meetings.  The group has been deciding how to deal with the large number of notifications of intent to submit proposals which have been received. Proposals will begin to be heard at the September meeting in Berlin  TGn received 62 letters of intent to submit technical proposals (21 complete and 41 partial).  The deadline for posting of proposals and related documents is August 13.  Proposal presentations will begin at the September meeting in Berlin.  Voting is expected to begin at the subsequent November meeting in San Antonio.

Task Group r - Fast Roaming
HAt the July meeting TGr selected their Recording Secretary and Technical Editor.  Documents for Use Cases Scope and Functional Requirements were updated
.  A call for proposals has been issued with a deadline for submitting a letter of intent by 17-August-2004 and proposal papers must be available on IEEE 802.11 document server by 15-October-2004.  Presentation of proposals will begin at the November meeting.

Task Group s - ESS Mesh
TGs received 18 presentations related to ESS Mesh including 4 during the joint TGr/TGs meeting.  TGs elected a Task Group Technical Editor.  TGs is working toward a call for proposals possibly in November with a four month window for submission.  Priorities for the September, 2004, 802.11s meeting will be : Election of Task Group Secretary; Presentations/Discussions related to Functional Requirements and Evaluation Criteria; Presentations/Discussions in other relevant areas (Usage Cases, QoS, Security, Definitions, and Routing).

Publicity Standing Committee
The IEEE 802.11/802.15 Publicity Joint Standing Committee received reports from industry groups (Wi-Fi Alliance, WiMedia Alliance, and Bluetooth SIG). Draft text for a press release was reviewed. Also, external communication and references to IEEE 802.11/15 in articles and public white papers was discussed.

WLAN Next Generation Standing Committee (WNG)
The Wireless LANs Next Generation Standing Committee continued exploratory discussions on new technologies and how other standards groups might cooperate with IEEE 802.11 to bring about the ubiquitous wireless networking envisioned for the future. Discussions and presentations primarily focused on updates from groups like ETSI-BRAN, MMAC, and also presentations regarding Access Point architecture.

Wireless Access for Vehicular Environments(WAVE) Study Group
Having achieved Working Group approval for the PAR in a recent Working Group letter ballot, WAVE will be approved to become a Task Group as soon as 802 Executive Approval is granted.  The study group also reviewed draft amendment text to be adopted as soon as Task Group status is finalized.

Wireless Interworking with External Networks(WIEN) Study Group
The WIEN Task Group refined their statement of technical issues, helping to define PAR scope, purpose and roadmap of a future Task Group (TG). The group also updated their open issues list as described on their Update page on the IEEE 802.11 website.  These issues will now be distilled into forming the PAR and 5 Criteria of a proposed future Task Group.  In addition, the meeting also discussed the creation of liaisons to other bodies, composing a liaison letter to the IETF regarding "Network Detection and Selection" for IEEE 802.11 technology.

Wireless Network Management(WNM) Study Group
The WNM Task Group received presentations and continued with their work on a PAR and 5 Criteria document set to be submitted to the Working Group for approval .

Wireless Performance Prediction(WPP) Study Group
WPP successfully completed the Project Approval Request process and will become Task Group t. This session primarily consisted of hearing pesentations, the most notable on Test Templates.  For more information see the tutorial here

For additional details on these items, contact Stuart Kerry, IEEE 802.11 Chair, at

Upcoming IEEE 802.11 Meetings:
* 12-17 September 2004 -- IEEE 802.11 interim meeting in Berlin, Germany in conjunction with meetings of the other 802 wireless groups
* 14-19 November 2004 -- IEEE 802 Plenary Meeting in San Antonio, Texas, USA