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Re: [STDS-802-11-AANI] 802.11AANI SC status and call for contribution.

Thanks, Joe, for this summary and recommendations. I think it is very accurate and highlights useful areas of work.

I would prefer one small change of emphasis. Namely, while I agree that studying performance relative to IMT-2020 requirements is a worthwhile goal, I am concerned that studying performance relative to "other competing technologies" is not the best use of our limited resources. While the IMT-2020 requirements are a clear benchmark, assessing other technologies is a subjective matter that is ultimately speculative and less likely to lead to consensus views. I understood the WG Chair to indicate a preference for consensus-reaching activities, and accordingly it's my personal view that we should focus on the published ITU benchmarks.

I do think that there is a good opportunity here to reach a common understanding on the main goals you have a articulated.


Roger Marks
EthAirNet Associates

On Jan 25, 2018, 23:30 +0100, "Levy, Joseph" <Joseph.Levy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, wrote:

Dear All,

This is a Call for Contributions for the 802.11 March 2018 meeting in Rosemont, IL, USA and for the AANI SC e-mail reflector. 

A summary of the 802.11 AANI SC activity at the January 2018 meeting held in Irvine, CA, USA has been posed to mentor:

  1. The AANI SC closing report:  
  2. The AANI SC Report to the WG January 2018:

For more details of the 802.11 AANI SC January 2018 meeting, please see the meeting minutes: and the meeting agenda slide deck:

While there was significant attendance, contribution, and discussion at the 4 802.11 AANI SC sessions held in January, the SC and the 802.11 WG did not reach agreement to send a document to ITU-R WP5D or agree a way forward.  Work was done during the meeting and several technical contributions were provided that address 802.11 technical performance relative to IMT-2020 requirements and other competing technologies (e.g.,,, and There was some indication at the meeting that it would be beneficial to the 802.11 WG for agreement on a document detailing 802.11 technical performance relative to other proposed and existing technologies to be reached for some or all the use cases for IMT-2020. 

To agree such a document it is my view that additional contributions and work will need to be performed.   In my opinion this work should be addressed in the AANI SC and result in a report to the 802.11 WG.  What the next steps would be after agreeing such a report depends on the   conclusions and information contained in the report. The 802.11 AANI SC, as are all 802.11 groups, is contributions driven.  Therefore if there is interest in completing such a report, contributions are required to continue the discussion.  Therefore I am calling for such contributions for the upcoming March F2F meeting or on the AANI e-mail reflector for discussion there. 

Without contributions the SC will not have any meaningful work to be discussed at the March meeting and if no meaningful is accomplished it is likely that the 802.11 WG Chair will stop allocating meeting time to the AANI SC and will dissolve the AANI SC.  

Topics for contribution:

  1. Technical and discussion contributions on 802.11 technical performance relative to IMT-2020 requirements and other competing technologies.
  2. Technical and discussion contributions on interworking/integration of 802.11 with the 3GPP Next Generation System:
    1. Reviews or tutorials on current 3GPP SA solutions related to 3GPP 2G/3G/4G core network and 802.11 interworking
    2. Reviews, tutorials, or commentary on the completed 3GPP SA studies for 5G:
      • SA2 “Study on Architecture for Next Generation System” TR 23.799
      • SA3 “Study on the Security Aspects of the Next Generation System” TR 33.899
    1. Reviews, Tutorials, or commentary on 3GPP SA WGs ongoing activities related to 5G for 3GPP Release 15:
      • SA2: TS 23.501 System Architecture for the 5G System (Stage 2), planned 9/17 (companion to TS 23.502)
      • SA2: TS 23.502 Procedures for the 5G System (Stage 2), planned 12/17 (companion to TS 23.501)
      • SA3: TS 33.501 Security Architecture and Procedure for the 5G System, planned 3/18
    1. Any other 3GPP nextGen Core network and 802.11 interworking 
  1. Technical and discussion contributions on interworking/integration with 3GPP RAN NR. - Lower priority as 3GPP RAN TSG is not currently working on interworking specifications.
    1. Reviews or tutorials of current 3GPP RAN solutions related to 3GPP 2G/3G/4G RAN and 802.11 integration
    2. RAN plans, and 802.11 proposal to support 3GPP / 802.11 interworking with the 3GPP RAN
  1. In support of 802.1 NEND IC activity
    1.   proposals of industries to address
    1. contributions defining areas of 802.11 interest or discussion

Note: if a teleconference is required to progress this work, one can be called with 10 days’ notice.



Joseph Levy

802.11 AANI SC Chair