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[STDS-802-11-AANI] Call for AANI contribution for July 802.11 meeting

Dear All,


This is a call for contributions for the July 802.11 meeting in San Diego, CA, USA.  As of this date I have received indication of two possible contributions, though neither contribution is confirmed as of this date. For the July meeting the AANI SC currently has one scheduled session on Monday, 9 July, PM1, which should be adequate for two anticipated contributions and AANI SC business.  But, if additional contributions are forth coming the AANI SC will need additional session time.  Therefore, If you plan on providing a contribution to the upcoming meeting please let me know as soon as possible, so I can insure adequate meeting time. 


Contributions are welcome in the AANI SC addressing the following topics:


1.     Technical and discussion contributions on 802.11 technical performance relative to IMT-2020 requirements.

      1. Benchmarking of 802.11 performance.
      2. Analysis and simulation results of 802.11 performance relative to the IMT-2020 requirements.
      3. Discussion and planning contributions related to progressing this work.     

2.     Technical and discussion contributions on interworking/integration of 802.11 with the 3GPP Next Generation System:

      1. Reviews or tutorials on current 3GPP SA solutions related to 3GPP 2G/3G/4G core network and 802.11
      2. Reviews, tutorials, or commentary on the completed 3GPP SA studies for 5G
      3. Reviews, Tutorials, or commentary on 3GPP SA WGs ongoing activities related to 5G for 3GPP
      4. Technical and discussion contributions on interworking/integration with 3GPP RAN NR.
        (Lower priority as 3GPP RAN TSG is not currently working on interworking specifications.)

3.     In support of 802.1 NENDICA

  1. proposals of industries to address
  2. contributions defining areas of 802.11 interest or discussion



A summary of the 802.11 AANI SC activity at the May 2018 meeting held in Warsaw, Poland has been posed to mentor:

  1. The AANI SC closing report:  
  2. The AANI SC meeting minutes for the May 2018:

For additional background on the 802.11 AANI SC please see:

Note: if a teleconference is required to progress this work, one can be called with 10 days’ notice, please contact the chair.

The draft agenda for the upcoming July meeting has been posted:


Joseph Levy

802.11 AANI SC Chair


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