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Re: stds-802-16-tg2: comment resolution spreadsheet for recirc #2a


I am relieved to find out that you are having the same long text problem
with Excel that I have experienced. I thought that I was the only only
one having problems. Sex with rattlesnakes is not fun but I did discover
the carriage return solution. You hit "Alt Enter". This increases the
vertical dimension of the cell and the text now appears in a messy
fashion within the boundaries of one basic cell width. Hitting on the
cell start location brings up the full text drop down window in a proper
fashion. I assume that one could merge cells so that the standard Excel
view looks better but I did not try it.

I have not looked at your spreedsheet version yet but I did discover
that the long text pdf sections  (mostly, or all mine, unfortunately) do
not display fully. This applied to both the screen and hard copy
printouts. This is a risk if there are other reviewers who experience
this problem. If the full text cannot be accessed, then I  know that I
would reject the comment response.

Help! Where is Brian Petry when we really need him?

If the text reproduction issues are real and not just a result of my
incompetence, then I could supply you with a Word version of the
corrupted sections for distribution to .16 members. Please let me know.


Roger B. Marks wrote:

> Dear TG2:
> I have posted a spreadsheet version of the "Comment Resolutions for
> Approval in IEEE 802.16 Recirculation Ballot #2a":
>      <http://ieee802.org/16/docs/01/80216-01_01.xls>
> I think the formatting should be a little easier to work with this
> time. I still don't know how to put carriage returns in cells, so I
> have again used <CR>.
> Regards,
> Roger