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Re: stds-802-16-tg2: comment resolution spreadsheet for recirc #2a

>I have not looked at your spreedsheet version yet but I did discover
>that the long text pdf sections  (mostly, or all mine, unfortunately) do
>not display fully. This applied to both the screen and hard copy
>printouts. This is a risk if there are other reviewers who experience
>this problem. If the full text cannot be accessed, then I  know that I
>would reject the comment response.


I went through the document looking for cut off fields. I found that 
81 and 108 were cut short. I created a new document without this 

You implied that more than one of your resolutions were cut off. I 
could only find one (81). It would have been easier if you had noted 
the problem comments. At the moment, I think all is well.