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stds-802-16-tg4: Call for input - Data Encoding

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to receive input on the Data Encoding ASAP. As we
discussed, this section contains:
1. Data randomizer (scrambler)
2. FEC
3. Interleaving
Since we did not reach an agreement on these choices and based on Sanjay
recommendation, we have to include all the proposed/discussed methods in
this section. Since FEC and interleaving are strongly related each
other, I would suggest organizing the section as follows:

4. Data Encoding
4.1. Data randomizer
4.1.1. Method 1 - As in 802.11a
4.1.2. Method 2 - As in DVB
4.2. Encoding and interleaving
4.2.1. Method 1 - Convolutional Convolutional encoder Interleaving
4.2.2. Method 2 - Concatenated RS and convolutional w/ tail biting RS encoder Convolutional encoder Interleaving
4.2.3. Method 3 - Block turbo codes Block turbo encoder Interleaving
4.2.4. Method 4 - Convolutional turbo codes Convolutional turbo encoder Interleaving

I can review the randomizer (4.1.1.) and the convolutional part (i.e.
4.2.1) which unfortunately are the only ones present in the current
draft) but I would need submissions on the other topics.

I am especially interested in getting detailed input from people that
proposed the methods (i.e. Yossi and Brian) but other people can also

Thank you very much in advance,

Octavian Sarca
Redline Communications Inc.
90 Tiverton Crt. #102
Markham, ON, L3R 9V2