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[STDS-802-16] Deadline for 16e contributions

To all,


I originally wrote this as a reply to one individual (see edited message below), but I felt it was important for everyone to know.  I thought I made this very clear at the last session, but apparently I didn’t.  This is in response to a question regarding the schedule for contribution submissions for the July TGe meeting:


REMEMBER: Comments on the draft and associated contributions are due TOMORROW AOE!! <>


Here is the original message I received:


We were planning to submit some contributions towards 16e and noticed

that perhaps the deadline was this Friday (June 25)? I wanted to confirm

whether that was indeed the deadline. In the past deadlines have been the

Friday before the meeting and submissions have happened during the

meeting as well so this seemed a little early. We may not have our full

contribution ready by this Friday ...


My Response:




Is the contribution tied to a specific comment on the 802.16e draft?  If so, then the deadline is as stated in the ballot document: You MUST submit the basic contribution along with the comment on June 25th or the comment and associated contribution will be automatically rejected.  You can revise the contribution and upload a final version as a response to any reply comments, but the basic contribution must be on time.  I also strongly recommend that any revised contributions include change bars indicating the revisions.   


In order to add some discipline to this process, no revisions to the basic contribution will be accepted between the original submission date (June 25th) and the reply comment due date (July 2nd).   A SINGLE updated version of a contribution, taking reply comments into account, is to be submitted by July 7th.  Multiple interim versions of a contribution submitted between July 2nd and July7th will NOT be accepted.


If the contribution is not tied to a specific comment, then it can be submitted later and it will be addressed as part of the normal agenda.  I stated at the last meeting that I wanted all contributions of any sort posted early enough so that people have time to look at them.  July 7th, the same date as above, is a logical date for cutoff.  Anything after that date will be dealt with as a late contribution or comment and addressed as time permits.