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Re: stds-80220-ch-models: MIMO channel modeling info sources

Hi Ken and all, 

The contribution C802.20-03/42 that was presented in Dallas last month proposed
an approach for MIMO modeling that was also used in the development of a
system-wide spatial channel model in the 3GPP and 3GPP2 bodies recently. 
The link to this document is:

This document could be used as a starting point in the discussions here. It also
provides some answers to the polarization modeling that resulted from analysis
of measurement data. 


Ken Allen wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I want to touch base since I have seen only two posts to this reflector.
> I seem to remember that another channel model document was going to be
> used as the starting point for ours.  Does any one know which one it is
> or do you have a suggestion?
> I have found several published papers on MIMO channel models.  Is there
> a channel model that we have in mind at this point?
> I have found three papers on mobile MIMO channel measurements.  They
> are:
> Helmut Hofstetter, Ingo Viering, and Wolfgang Utschick, "Evaluation of
> Suburban measurements by eigenvalue statistics,"
> Proc. COST 273, 1st Workshop at Espoo, Finland, May 2002
> Ingo Viering, Helmut Hofstetter, and Wolfgang Utschick, "Validity of
> Spatial Covariance Matrices over Time and Frequency," Globecom 2002,
> Taipei, Taiwan, Nov. 2002
> Helmut Hofstetter, Martin Steinbauer, and Christoph F. Mecklenbrauker,
> "Double-Directional Radio Channel Estimation at 2GHz for high speed
> vehicular mobiles - Experimental results," Proc. WPMC'01, Aalborgk,
> Denmark, Sep. 2000
> Does anyone know of any others?
> We have some mobile multi-element antenna measurements that we have
> made that could possibly be of use.  I will process the data if it will
> be of any use.
> I am particularly interested in how well MIMO systems will work with
> handheld mobile units where there is little space for antennas.
> Presumably, polarization diversity would offer more than spatial
> diversity it this case.  Does anyone know of any applicable
> polarization diversity measurements?
> I am anxious to start working on our contribution for the July meeting.
>   What can I do?
> Ken Allen
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