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Re: [802.21] [Mipshop] Re: Architectural Considerations for Handover InformationServices (was: Re: CARD Discussion Query Discussion)


Singh Ajoy-ASINGH1 wrote:

     But it does not seem to be true given the current discussion.


Ajoy-> In IETF folks are trying to help 802.21 to get the work done better.

I do not believe there is anything wrong if some folks do not agree with XML query. Honestly I do not believe XML query is  good for low power

mobile devices. Based upon our current experience folks are finding hard to cope up with SIP and SIP compression itself. It looks good on paper,

but somehow when you implement compression you may find that delay introduced by compression out performs the bandwidth saving gained from

compression. I do not believe that adding one more level of compression for XML will be better idea.

As a research topic it may look very attractive, but we have to look at today’s reality. I would like to state that in one of my discussions

I suggested that even TLV encoding can be modified to carry XML script to address some use cases where XML may be a good choice.

I am afraid we are trying to push XML without considering reality at hand.

            Possibly you didn't get my point. I  never said that people have to like XML. In fact,  it's good that you are sharing  your
             experience on  SIP compression. Along that line  more data on XML will be  better for understanding which query
             language is good for .21 IS .  All along we have said  that XML is a candidate query lanaguage given the  type of model
             and flexibility we need to support in .21 IS  framework.  It will be good if you share some of  your practical experience
             and related informtion on XML as well..  Also is it not true that XML is already on the mobile devices?  My  feeling is that
             we don't have enough data so that we can say that XML is bad.


Also, what is wrong about sharing view of 802.21 when MIPSHOP is going to define a protocol that would cater need of

802.21 itself?

    I don't  think Mipshop will  define a query language either.


Nothing wrong in sharing the view.  But do we need to  mention the straw poll result to establish our  technical reasoning?


Ajoy-> Perhaps you did not like the word straw poll.  I will make note of that.

 I think enough reasoning was given to justify that

XML query complex query may not be good for low power mobile devices.

    So far I din't see any  convincing argument or experimental result  that  proves  XML is complex for higher layer query.