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AW: [802.21] IS Higher Layer Transport Requirements: update on conf call on December 8

Hi Yoshihiro,

thank you for your reply. Yes, I mean that what you said. As far as I understood the
.16, they defined default size of lenght filed to be 1 Byte where the MSB is 0 if
the length of the payload is less than 127. If it is greater than that then the MSB is
1 and the 1st byte of the length field indicates, how many bytes are following the
present length field.

=> Result: The size of length field is by default 1 Byte and only on need, it is
extended further. Well if we think of using TLV format for all services (IS, CS, ES)
then it is in most cases valid that the "Value" filed, i.e. payload of the IE is (statistically
seen) less than 127 Byte.

Hope I put it in correct words. 


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Von: Yoshihiro Ohba [mailto:yohba@TARI.TOSHIBA.COM] 
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 8. Dezember 2005 14:34
Betreff: Re: [802.21] IS Higher Layer Transport Requirements: update on conf call on December 8

On Thu, Dec 08, 2005 at 04:07:33AM -0800, Gupta, Vivek G wrote:
> > - Do you mean with Length = variable, that the size of this field 
> > can
> be
> >   extended depending on the information sent (like in .16)?
> [Vivek G Gupta]
> Yes

I think that Kalyan's question is as to whether the length of the Length field is variable.  The length of the Length field should be constant.  So the answer should be *No*.

> >   I find, having a Length field of 2 Bytes is, in most cases, more
> than
> > enough.
> >   i.e., 1 Byte can server the purpose in most of the cases.
> > 
> [Vivek G Gupta]
> 1 byte is definitely inadequate. We can go with 2.

Yes, we can go with 2.

Yoshihiro Ohba

> > 
> > With best regards,
> > Kalyan
> >