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RE: [802.21] Update on SAPs


I just have a minor comment.

I agree with the suggestion to adopt MIH_LINK_SAP as a generic SAP.
Currently it is defined only for 802.11. For points 1) and 2) below it
is clear that new changes will need to be identified for the
corresponding technologies. For point 3) however we have defined a
mapping table as a means to minimize changes in 3GPP/3GPP2 and take
advantage of the primitives defined for MIH_LINK_SAP. The action from
Vancouver was to refined this table and incorporate 3GPP2 mapping as

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From: Gupta, Vivek G [mailto:vivek.g.gupta@INTEL.COM] 
Sent: Wednesday, December 14, 2005 9:20 AM
Subject: [802.21] Update on SAPs

There is a minor update on SAPs that can help clarify the various
diagrams/sections in 802.21 draft even better. 
From 802.21 perspective we can define the following SAPs in section 7.
1] MIH_SAP: Specifies Interface of MIH with MIH Users.
2] MIH_SME_SAP: Specifies interface of MIH with System/Network Mgmt
3] MIH_LINK_SAP: Specifies interface of MIH with a generic link layer

There can be media specific changes/enhancements because of definition
of MIH_LINK_SAP. These would be identified as new events/commands etc.
that need to be defined for different link layer technologies. These
would be reflected as changes to:
1] MLME_SAP: for 802.11
2] C_SAP/M_SAP: for 802.16
3] MIH_3GLINK_SAP: for 3GPP/3GPP2 (to be updated)

There were some ideas presented along these lines in last meeting at
Vancouver as well. The above organization makes things clearer and

Best Regards,