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Update on SAPs

There is a minor update on SAPs that can help clarify the various
diagrams/sections in 802.21 draft even better. 
From 802.21 perspective we can define the following SAPs in section 7.
1] MIH_SAP: Specifies Interface of MIH with MIH Users.
2] MIH_SME_SAP: Specifies interface of MIH with System/Network Mgmt
3] MIH_LINK_SAP: Specifies interface of MIH with a generic link layer

There can be media specific changes/enhancements because of definition
of MIH_LINK_SAP. These would be identified as new events/commands etc.
that need to be defined for different link layer technologies. These
would be reflected as changes to:
1] MLME_SAP: for 802.11
2] C_SAP/M_SAP: for 802.16
3] MIH_3GLINK_SAP: for 3GPP/3GPP2 (to be updated)

There were some ideas presented along these lines in last meeting at
Vancouver as well. The above organization makes things clearer and

Best Regards,