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Notes on telecon on Letter Ballot #1

Title: Notes on telecon on Letter Ballot #1


Here are some notes from today's telecon. Since the working group letter ballot process is in process starting tomorrow, it would be good to have all voting members apprised of the consensus and clarifications to the process. For that reason I'm sending the notes to the reflector.

Best Regards,

Discussion of LB 1 instructions document

Vivek walked through the document:
Secton 1 Introduction

Section 2 Relevant Documents

Section 3 Procedure
3.1 Voting

3.2 Disapprove Votes

3.3 To submit comments

4 Process

4.1 Approval
4.1.1 Return

4.3 Obligation

Suggestions: Add clarification to 4.1.3 about:

Comment resolution begins only after the end of the ballot period
Sponsor Ballot usually requires over 90% WG approval to go on