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[802.21] My qualification for Security SG chair position

Hello 802.21 Followers,

Although you have known me over the time, I am re-introducing myself to
you as a candidate to lead the 802.21 security study group. The
excellent qualifications and abilities of all the three candidates can
be overwhelming to make a simple choice. I would like to present my
candidacy forward to see beyond what is obvious for consideration.

During my R&D career, I have worked in various radio technologies (GSM,
EDGE, WCDMA, 802.11, 802.16) and the IETF and have researched
interworking topics, especially mobility and security, and thoroughly
understand the real complexities of the inter-system interworking. I
became enthusiastic when I first heard about IEEE 802.21 to undertake
these interworking challenges in 2004. I have been actively following
the work since then and officially started attending meetings since July
2005. During the course, I have been an active WG member and have worked
closely with many of you on several joint contributions, leading focus
groups to build consensus on several topics in our specification. I have
also been actively involved in the definition and strongly supported the
formation of the security SG. 

The IEEE 802.21 work will be less than complete until we cover the
security optimizations to achieve the pressing need for least-latency
seamless inter-technology handovers and also for providing signaling
security. Without losing sight of ongoing activities in IETF and other
organizations, the 802.21 Security SG should leverage its unique
position to understand the current inter-system security requirements,
scenarios and current solutions and define our work scope appropriately.
The security optimization functionality should be developed in a generic
fashion with 802.21 as basis and be future-proof to support emerging and
future technologies like 802.16m and LTE/SAE. This would require working
very closely with not just IETF but also with other 802 and 3GPP
standards bodies.

In addition to my strong technical experience and long standing
participation in various SDOs, I bring forward strong leadership skills,
focus, commitment and openness to carry this group through to a great
success. My primary goals for the security SG is to succeed in its
objectives of creating the PAR, 5C and other technical deliverables. As
the chair, I would ensure nothing short of open discussions and exercise
utmost care in adherence to the IEEE Policies and Procedures (P&P) to be
fair, impartial and balanced within the SG. I would develop constructive
relations within and outside the SG members and work closely with the
802.21 WG and its chair to achieve the SG objectives.  

I reach out and encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas so we can
work closely. Thank you for your time and have a nice day.


(Srinivas Sreemanthula)