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My qualification for Security SG chair position

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I believe that you have read the announcement regarding the 802.21
Security Study Group Chair election.  Since I have nominated myself as
a candidate for Security SG Chair, I wanted to take this opportunity
to let you know why I think I am qualified and what my goals are for
this position.

First of all, I took the leadership within 802.21 to initiate the
discussion on security signaling optimization.  During last couple of
months, I pulled together several folks within the group and worked
with them very closely for several presentations on this topic.
Finally with all of your support we were able to create a Security
Study Group.  Now I would like to continue this momentum and lead the
work within the study group so that a successful PAR and 5C can be
produced within the given time frame.  Second, I have been a major
contributor in 802.21 WG since November 2004 and have quite deep
technical knowledge about the 802.21 specification.  I believe that
such knowledge is required for leading the Security SG.  Lastly, I
have been actively working on network access security in IETF WGs such
as, EAP, HOKEY and PANA for a long time.  I believe that it is very
important for this Study Group to have a close coordination between
IETF and IEEE 802.21. If I become the SG Chair my priority would be to
create a liaison relationship with the IETF HOKEY WG.  With my long
standing association with IETF, I am confident that I can make this

My goal is to foster an inclusive and productive environment within
the Security Study Group where everyone can freely participate in the
discussions and debates so that the group can ultimately produce a
solid PAR and Five Criteria towards the creation of a Task Group.  I
will also insist that we generate a Technical Report (3GPP-style) that
will capture the scenarios, architecture and requirements for the
proposed work.

Finally, I understand that working on handover-related security is
very challenging but I am excited since we have gotten a venue to
solve some pieces of that puzzle.  Thus it is very important that we
do it right by leveraging the existing work and not breaking other
existing models and frameworks that other organizations have already
developed.  I am hopeful that with your support, we can together
create a successful project that will harmonize with other relevant
standards activities and help the industry to solve some of these
important handover-related security issues.

For my additional qualification you may visit at:

Yoshihiro Ohba, Ph.D
Research Director
Toshiba America Research, Inc.