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[802.21] My qualifications for Security SG chair position

IEEE 802.21 members and colleagues,

I have announced my candidacy for the position of IEEE 802.21 Security
Study Group, and I want to outline my qualifications for the position

I was the chair of the IEEE 802.11 fast roaming study group, a group
which was largely security oriented.  I successfully facilitated the
group's decision to become a task group within IEEE 802.11, a task
which required guiding the group to reach a concensus on how to move
forward.  Reaching a decision on how to move forward is essentially
the charter of all study groups.  I belive that I demonstrated my
impartiality and fairness while chairing this previous study group.

I have also been chairs of other groups, both within and outside the
IEEE.  In all cases, I acted impartially and fairly, guiding the
groups to reach a consensus on all of their decisions.  The needs of
gathering information, ideas, and proposals from all available and
possible sources must be balanced with the need to converge and
produce an output, a balancing act I believe I have demonstrated in
the past as chair.

Being a chair requires that the person be fair and impartial, and not
be a champion of any particular proposal or idea.  The group as a
whole is the body to make the decisions as to what to do and which
decisions to make; the chair merly acts as a referee to help
facilitate that decision.

I do know my way around Robert's Rules of Order, the IEEE SA and the
IEEE 802 ExCom Policies and Procedures, but I am confident in this
group that we will not need to become
that formal.

To conclude, I believe that I am an ideal candidate to become the IEEE
802.21 Security Study Grioup chair, based on my impartiality,
fairness, and unique experience as a previous security oriented study

Clint (JOATMON) Chaplin
Principal Engineer
Corporate Standardization (US)