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[802.3_100GCU] IEEE P802.3bj 2nd Sponsor recirculation ballot and May 2014 interim meeting

Dear Task Force Participants,


The 2nd Sponsor recirculation ballot has opened on IEEE P802.3bj/D3.2 with a ballot close date of 30th April 2014, 23:59 EDT.


If you have joined the Sponsor ballot group and are planning to comment further on the draft, please follow the instructions provided on the myBallot portal under 'Balloting' -> 'myBallot Home' -> 'Manage myBallot Activity'.


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If you did not join the Sponsor ballot group, but still would like to comment on the draft, it will save the task force officers significant effort if you would send your comments to me <adam.healey@xxxxxxx> for inclusion in the ballot by 25th April 2014, 23:59 EDT. Such comments will be identified in the comment field as coming from you, and like all comments from outside the ballot group will be non-binding. A web page containing the instructions on how to do this and the spreadsheet that you will need to use to enter your comments is available at the following link.


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Since the draft has exceeded the 75% approval requirement, comments on this recirculation ballot should be based only on the changed portions of the draft, portions of the draft affected by the changes, or portions of the draft that are the subject of unresolved comments associated with Do Not Approve votes. Therefore, the draft that is being balloted only includes pages that were changed in response to comments against IEEE P802.3bj/D3.1. The changed pages may be found at  the following link. There are currently no unresolved comments associated with Do Not Approve votes.


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If you submit comments please use the page number found at the bottom of each page and not the PDF page numbers. A complete draft without change marks has been made available for your reference.


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If comments are received against the draft, the IEEE P802.3bj Task Force will meet 13th May 2014 in Norfolk, VA to consider the comments and next steps. Meeting registration and hotel information may be found at the following link.


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If no comments are received during this recirculation ballot, this meeting will be cancelled and the draft will be submitted to RevCom for consideration at the June 2014 IEEE-SA Standards Board meeting series.


Best Regards,


Adam Healey

Chair, IEEE P802.3bj 100 Gb/s Backplane and Copper Cables Task Force