100 Gb/s Backplane and Copper Cable Task Force 

Interim Meeting Material
Sept 24 - 26, 2012
Geneva, CH


Meeting Materials


All Files
     27-Sept 12 (12.4M)


General Information


Agenda and General Information
     25-Sept 12 (255k)

  John D'Ambrosia Dell

Unapproved Minutes
     04-Oct 12 (80k)

  Kent Lusted Intel

Chief Editor's Report
     24-Sept 12 (141k)

  Adam Healey LSI

Liaisons and Communications



100GBASE-KP4 Link Training Summary
     25-Sept 12 (182k)
     Supporting Material
     19-Sept 12 (818k)
38 Kent Lusted
Adee Ran
Matt Brown

Applied Micro
100GBASE-KR4 and 100GBASE-CR4 PMD Control
     19-Sept 12(309k)
265, 266 Kent Lusted Intel
Reed Solomon Encoder C Model
     19-Sept 12(165k)
234 Martin Langhamer Altera
EEE in 40/100G PMA
     19-Sept 12(722k)
61-64, 66, 67, 71-89, 91, 92, 94, 96, 97, 99-105, 110, 111, 119, 120, 122-129 Hugh Barrass Cisco
Return Loss Measurement Consensus Group Meetings Summary
     19-Sept 12(544k)
166, 349, 350 Liav Ben Artsi Marvell
Package Modeling and Return Loss Limits
     19-Sept 12(1M)
130, 167, 168, 169, 170, 171, 422 Rich Mellitz
Mike Peng Li
Liav Ben Artsi
Channel Qualification Based on Salz
     19-Sept 12 (656k)
229 Albert Varelijan
Hiroshi Takatori
Measured Interference Toloerance and Recommended Clause 93 Spec.
     19-Sept 12(32k)
10078 Charles Moore Avago
2nd MDI Supporting Material
     19-Sept 12 (169k)
37 Chris Cole Finisar
Hardware implementation of Sequence Estimators with Block Termination in the presence of ISI
     19-Sept 12 (222k)
10080 Arash Farhoodfar
Joel Goergen
Elizabeth Kochuparambil
Supporting Material
     22-Sept 12 (329k)
Clause 91 Related Comments Adam Healey LSI
Channel Operating Margin Matlab Program
     19-Sept 12(630k)
     Reference: Channel Operating Margin Program Usage
     19-Sept 12(656k)
130, 167-171, 422 Rich Mellitz Intel
Frame Error Rate
     22-Sept 12 (45k)
159, 258, 261, 392 Roy Cideciyan IBM
Mated Board and Host Specifications
     27-Sept 12 (1.7M)
308, 309, 311, 316, 317, 319 Ali Ghiasi
Mike Rost
Patrick Casher
Error Propagation Effect on FEC Performance
     19-Sept 12 (709k)
133, 138, 145 Dariush Dabiri
Matt Brown
Rich Mellitz
Applied Micro

EEE ALERT signal for 100GBASE-KP4
     19-Sept 12 (249k)
39, 10235 Matt Brown
Bart Zeydel
Adee Ran
Kent Lusted
Applied Micro

100GBASE-CR4/KR4/KP4 Receiver Performance Target
     19-Sept 12 (136k)
133, 159, 258, 261, 392 Matt Brown Applied Micro
Response to Comment #80 and Proposal for an alternate 45/46 code for KP4
     19-Sept 12 (482k)
80 Will Bliss
Dariush Dabiri
Applied Micro
100GBASE-KR4 Channel Characteristics
     19-Sept 12 (106k)
362 Elizabeth Kochuparambil Cisco
100GBASE-CR4 Comments D1.1 TBD's
     24-Sept 12 (669k)
274-281, 283-286, 288, 290, 292-294 Chris DiMinico MC Communications / LEONI Cables
100GBASE-KP4 jitter and distortion specification proposal
     25-Sept 12 (375k)
255 Adee Ran Intel
Proposal for Compliance Board Requirements
     22-Sept 12 (1.4M)
278, 280 Patrick Casher Molex
100GBASE-KP4 full termination block encoding
     25-Sept 12 (66k)
10080  Matt Brown
Will Bliss
Arash Farhood
Vasu Parthasarathy
Dariush Dabiri
Applied Micro
Applied Micro
EEE Comments Ad Hoc Report
     By Clause or By ID
     25-Sept 12
  Hugh Barrass Cisco
FEC Comments Ad Hoc Report
     By Clause or By ID
     25-Sept 12
  Adam Healey LSI
Timeline Discussion
     27-Sept 12 (52k)
  John D'Ambrosia Dell

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