100 Gb/s Backplane and Copper Cable Task Force

Meeting Materials
September 3-5, 2013
York, UK

Meeting Materials

All Files
    04-Sep-13 (2373 kB)

General Information

Approved minutes
    12-Nov-13 (79 kB)
Agenda and General Information
    04-Sep-13 (505 kB)
Adam Healey LSI Corporation
Chief Editor's Report
    02-Sep-13 (92 kB)
Matt Brown Applied Micro
Comments received against Draft 2.2


802.3bj Channel Evaluation with COM
    02-Sep-13 (971 kB)
Channel data
    02-Sep-13 (2050 kB)
Beth Kochuparambil
Cisco Systems
[Comment #125]
PMD control timing
    30-Aug-13 (237 kB)
Kent Lusted
[Comments #113, 114, 115]
Comments on EEE operation
    30-Aug-13 (30 kB)
Arthur Marris
Cadence Design Systems
[Multiple comments]
Clause 92 Host Board Transmission Line Model Parameters Adjustment
    30-Aug-13 (335 kB)
Richard Mellitz
Liav Ben-Artsi
Adee Ran
Intel Corporation
Marvell Technology Group
Intel Corporation
[Comment #72]
Reference for SNDR/linear pulse fit error
    30-Aug-13 (49 kB)
Charles Moore
Avago Technologies
[Comment #121]
Issues with SNDR specification in clauses 92 and 93
    30-Aug-13 (177 kB)
Adee Ran
Intel Corporation
[Comments #84, 153]

Late Presentation

    03-Sep-13 (108 kB)
Charles Moore
Avago Technologies
[Multiple comments]
Proposed response to comment #118
    04-Sep-13 (178 kB)
Greg Le Cheminant
Pavel Zinvy
Agilent Technologies
[Comment #118]

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