IEEE P802.3ca 50G-EPON Task Force

Procedure for Commenters

Commenting Instructions

  • Adhere to Commenting Instructions on slides 45—61.
  • Comments shall be entered into the Comment Entry Spreadsheet. Do not alter any protected fields!
  • If ancillary files are being submitted, zip all of them together with the comment submission spreadsheet and upload as one file.
  • Comments shall be submitted using the web form .
  • Comments without specific suggested change will be rejected.

Guidelines for Ancillary Documents

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in a corresponding comment being rejected.

  • Ancillary documents must be submitted in PDF format. Neither the chair nor the Web Master will convert the files into PDF format.
  • The file should be named using the following template: presentername_3ca_n_mmyy.pdf, where
    • presentername is the last (family) name of the presenter,
    • n is an index used to differentiate multiple presentations made by the same author at the same meeting (n = 1,2,3 …), and
    • mmyy is the month and the year of the meeting.
  • Avoid graphic intensive backgrounds or other decorative graphics.
  • No animations, audio clips, video clips, etc.
  • Each ancillary document should be less then 2.0 MB.
  • No marketing pitches, product pitches or corporate pitches.
  • No pricing, costs, ASPs, etc. are permitted.  Relative costs, relative ASPs, etc. are permitted (i.e. option 1 is 3x the cost of option 2).
  • No company copyright or confidentiality statements. All submitted documents are posted to a publicly accessible web site. If the document is not ready for public disclosure, then it shall not be submitted.
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  • If you don't receive confirmation e-mail within 48 hours after your submission, please contact Task Force Chair.
Last modified: 30-Oct-2018