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Re: [HSSG] Topics for Consideration

It sounds to me like the jump from 300m to 40 km might be too big.  Is
there a need for 10km? 

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Greg Hankins wrote:
> Yes, I included LR and VLR in "Campus Backbone" and "Corporate
> Think of a campus or corporation that has multiple locations within a
> or city.  Or even just buildings in the same location that are more
> 100m (SR) apart.
> Greg
That's exactly what we're faced with at LBNL.  Several of our 
inter-building links fall in the <= 300m range, but many of them fall 
into the 1-5 Km range.  We've also investigated acquisition of dark 
fiber to provision connections between Berkeley and Oakland (NERSC) 
prior to ESnet's build-out of their MANs, which would have been near 
10Km had we done it.