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[802SEC] P802.3ae to June RevCom


The 10 Gigabit Ethernet project is winding up.  I have submitted the project
for the June RevCom agenda per the conditional approval granted in March.
We expect/hope the currently open 4th recirculation ballot on 802.3ae/D5.0
closing May 17th will be the last one.  If so, I will be asking for
Executive Committee approval to leave the project on the June RevCom agenda.

The 802.3ae Task Force met April 30 to resolve comments on D4.3.  Some
normative references in the draft required update.  Because this is
something that RevCom considers substantive, it forced us to conduct this
recirculation ballot.  We are also recirculating a new response to an early
unsatisfied negative comment, this new response reflects progress in the
comment issues since the original response was written.

At the end of the April 30 meeting, there were no new unsatisfied negatives.
D4.3 ballot results adjusted for vote changes via email or early D5.0
recirculation ballots are: 	return = 86%, 
	current approval = 89%
	abstention = 4%.
Return, approval and abstention ratios have been satisfied on each sponsor

If any of you want to look at project information prior to completion of the
recirculation ballot, the project information is available at  The current accumulation of unsatisfied
negative comments from all sponsor ballots can be found at:  

Bob Grow
Chair, IEEE 802.3 Working Group

Intel, EC2-101
13290 Evening Creek Drive
San Diego, CA  92128 

phone: 858-391-4622
mobile: 858-705-1829
fax:   858-391-4580