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[802SEC] LMSC Rules Change Distribution and Ballot


This is a distribution of proposed changes to the 802 (LMSC) Operating Rules to participants in IEEE Project 802.

This also constitutes initiation of an 30 day ballot of the Exec (SEC) on the same material

Working Group Chairs and other members of the Exec need to cast their vote by close of ballot which is midnight (Pacific Time) October 13. Sufficient time should be allowed before casting your ballot so that your constituency can provide you feedback to consider in formulating your position. [WG Chairs, please redistribute this to your WG lists and invite your WG members to comment through you.]

[Also, please note that the closing date that Vice-Chair Mat Sherman set on the procedure for electronic balloting was incorrectly set at 60 days (10/28/02) after mailing. It is hereby reset to October 13 as above.]

If comments are received, a comment resolution meeting will be held on Sunday evening immediately preceding the Plenary Week in Kauai.

A brief description of the changes are listed below:
1)      A modification to  rules regarding membership retention requirements to more accurately reflect the profile of our active membership. (ref: Prop5-1-3-2.pdf)

2)      A set of changes to support the addition of the Radio Regulatory TAG to our organization. (ref: 18-02-011r0.pdf)

The text of each of the proposed changes are attached to this mailing.

As a member of IEEE Project 802 you are encouraged to carefully review the proposed rule changes and ask questions of, or forward any comments to, a representative on the LMSC SEC well before the closure of the SEC ballot.  SEC members will carefully consider your comments and suggestions as part of the balloting process.

Geoff Thompson
1st Vice Chair, IEEE 802 LMSC



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