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Re: [802SEC] LMSC Rules Change Distribution and Ballot


My interpretation would be:

At the first meeting AFTER the change is fully approved
You evaluate membership by the new criteria.

I would think that "it would be reasonable" for us to come up with a 
transition strategy.

         1) Make sure that the change is announced both by e-mail and at 
all Interims immediately after it is approved. This would be a "warning" to 
those "voters in peril".

         2) Develop a "Voters in Peril" list and notify each on the list 
that they need full attendance at the next plenary to retain their membership.

         3) Make a "one time exception" that those whose voting rights have 
been revoked by the policy are converted to "voters in peril" for the next 

(My guess is that there will be very few who take us up on the one time 

All of this would be appropriate to put in as a comment.

I hope this helps.


At 11:01 PM 9/15/2002 -0400, Mike Takefman wrote:
>since I am sure this will be asked by the membership.
>If this rules change is approved, when will it take
>i.e. as a WH chair, do I look at attendance from
>1) July to November
>2) November to March
>3) March to July.
>My first assumption would be 2)
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