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Re: [802SEC] +++SEC EMAIL BALLOT+++ Email Ballot: Motion for WGInitial membership interpretation

I vote Approve.

I think that the text "first meeting of a new Working Group" would be 
more accurate if "meeting" were replaced by "session". However, it 
looks as if the change of wording wouldn't affect the application of 
the interpretation.

While this interpretation is more liberal than the way I personally 
interpret the rule, I think we do need something in writing. I'm 
willing to go along with Mat's judgement that this version has the 
greatest chance of success. By the way, Jim Carlo suggested to me in 
1999 (as 802 Chair) that this was his understanding of the startup 

Mat and Geoff: Nice idea to address the problem through an 
"interpretation" of the rules. I don't recall seeing the concept 
applied to our rules before, but it's a good fit with IEEE procedures.


At 8:23 PM -0400 03/04/14, Paul Nikolich wrote:
>Dear SEC,
>This is a 15 day SEC email ballot on a Motion to Interpret the LMSC 
>P&P rule on Working Group Initial Membership as moved by Mat Sherman 
>and seconded by Geoff Thompson.
>The email ballot opens on Monday April 14, 2003 9PM EDT and closes 
>Thursday April 29, 2003 9PM EDT.
>Please direct your responses to the SEC reflector with a CC directly 
>to me (<>
>--Paul Nikolich
>----- Original Message -----
>From: <>
>To: <>
>Cc: <>
>Sent: Monday, April 14, 2003 5:57 PM
>Subject: Motion for WG Initial membership interpretation
>I wish to formally make a motion concerning the interpretation of 
>the current initial membership rules.  The motion I would like to 
>make is as follows:
>"Motion that until the P&P revision titled "WG membership" being 
>balloted starting March 27th, 2003 is completed (estimated to occur 
>at the end of the July 2003 IEEE 802 Plenary meeting) the line in 
>the LMSC P&P section titled "Retention" reading:
>‚Membership is retained by participating in at least two of the last 
>four Plenary session meetings.‚
>Should be interpreted as reading:
>‚Membership is retained by participating in at least two of the last 
>four Plenary sessions. (An individual who attains membership by 
>participation and attendance at the first meeting of a new Working 
>Group is assumed to have the right to retain that membership by the 
>granting of credit for 'full virtual attendance' at the plenary 
>session that would be immediately previous to the first working 
>group plenary session.)‚š
>Geoff Thompson helped develop this motion, and has agreed to second 
>it.  Note that based on recent discussions it is somewhat different 
>than the motion I said I would first make on the reflector.  This 
>motion maximally protects the voting rights of initial members by 
>ensuring retention of their rights through the first 4 plenary 
>sessions.  We believe this is the motion that has the greatest 
>chance of success.  If this fails, we may want make a second motion 
>which we would want to complete before the end of the upcoming 
>wireless interim session.  Since the motion is reasonably concise we 
>would prefer a 15 day ballot period for this interpretation to allow 
>time for a second round if needed.
>Matthew Sherman
>Vice Chair, IEEE 802
>Technology Consultant
>Communications Technology Research
>AT&T Labs - Shannon Laboratory
>Room B255, Building 103
>180 Park Avenue
>P.O. Box 971
>Florham Park, NJ 07932-0971
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