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Re: [802SEC] Fwd: Re: Enet dinner--expense approval, motion request


At 06:05 PM 7/14/2003 +0100, Tony Jeffree wrote:

I will be joining Roger in disapproving such a motion if anyone makes it in its current form. I think it is somewhat unbecoming for the SEC to vote to buy itself $1500 worth of dinner out of the fees paid by the 802 membership.

I don't completely disagree but I would point out that the attending members of 802 will be paying registration fees themselves. By my count those attending the dinner will be paying well over $6000. I believe also that the current state of the treasury is such that it can tolerate this.


I would be happy to vote in favour of a motion to cover the cost of providing dinner for our guests out of SEC funds, and, like Roger, would be happy to pay my own share.


At 10:44 14/07/2003 -0600, Roger B. Marks wrote:

I will be voting Disapprove on such a motion. If the motion fails, I will be happy to personally cover my share (including my share of the costs for all the invited guests).

And, by the way, who is the sixth panelist? We first heard Paul Nikolich, Geoff Thompson, and Bob Metcalfe. Last week, the names Ron Crane and David Boggs leaked out.



Since a 10 day email ballot wouldn't close until after the start of next
week's plenary session, I suggest the SEC make a decision on the motion
during the opening SEC meeting during your 'tutorial' agenda item.



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 I would like to make the following SEC Motion to cover the costs of a
 dinner for the SEC and special guests to be held before the Ethernet 30
 Year Retrospective. The guest list will be the members of the SEC (plus
 Vice Chairs of 802.20), the six panel speakers, the officers of 802.3 plus
 the 2 former chairs, I would also like to include (per you suggestion) Jim
 Carlo (IEEE-SA President Elect) and Houlin Zhao (ITU-T Director of the
 Telecom Standards Bureau). The guest list totals 31. Face-to-Face
 $25-$30 per head. I will like a little wiggle room in the motion.

 That an amount not to exceed $1500 be authorized to cover the costs for a
 catered dinner at the meeting hotel for guests who will be speaking at the
 Ethernet Retrospective, the SEC, officers of 802.3, etc.
 Moved by:       Geoff Thompson
 Second: Bill Quackenbush



 >Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2003 14:53:13 -0700
 >From: Bill Quackenbush <>
 >To: Paul Nikolich <>
 >CC: "Thompson, Geoff [SC100:321:EXCH]"<>
 >Subject: Re: Enet dinner--expense approval
 >Yes it makes sense and it is required by our P&P as it is not a normal
 >plenary session expense.  If Geoff would get the cost estimate from F2
 >F and make the motion, I will second it.
 > > Paul Nikolich wrote:
 > >
 > > Geoff,
 > >
 > > Given all the scrutiny we are putting on financial openess,  you (or
 > > Bill) should make a motion to have the expenses for the Enet dinner
 > > > approved at the opening EC meeting to make sure we are squeekey
 > > > clean.  Does this make sense to you?
 > > >
 > > > --Paul
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