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[802SEC] 802.18 Comments on Canadian UWB Proposal


Earlier this year 802.18 conducted a review of the Industry Canada (IC)
proposed rules for UWB. The purpose was to develop comments (from
802.18) back to IC on that proposal. Unfortunately 802.18 was not able
to complete the process at the March meeting. 

The comments were submitted to the EC for 5 day review and it was during
that process that the lack of a TAG motion supporting the comments
became apparent. A 27 April email from the EC chair stated that since
the document had been available to the EC for the 5 day review and no
one moved to block it was safe to assume the EC approved it. Since there
had not been a vote by the TAG members one had to be conducted prior to
submission and that vote would have to show 75% approval. The electronic
ballot was conducted and the final result appeared to be 71% approval.
Based on that it was presumed that the document was effectively dead.

During the Cairns interim 802.18 began a revision of the TAG's P&P.
During that process it became evident that the ballot votes had been
incorrectly tallied. The revised vote count was 16 to approve and 2 to
disapprove which exceeded the 75% threshold. Those results were reported
to the EC chair by email on 17 May. The response was to proceed with
submitting the comments to IC and notify the EC of the steps taken and
why. The document was submitted and the purpose of this email is to
inform the EC of what occurred.

One of the 2 disapprove votes was with comments. That commenter (an EC
member) had not realized that he is considered a voter in 802.18 nor
that the EC five day review period had occurred. Due to a combination of
events, including both the convoluted approval process and an experience
factor, the negative comments were not resolved.

This has been a learning experience for the TAG and it will not happen

Glad to discuss.



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