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[802SEC] Meeting Transcript for LMSC P&P editorial change Teleconference

Meeting Transcript for LMSC P&P editorial change

Basic Meeting Information:
Meeting Topic: LMSC P&P editorial change
Host: Matthew Sherman
Meeting number:  821 781 880 
Start Time: Thursday, February 23, 2006 12:03:59 PM(GMT -5:00)
End Time: Thursday, February 23, 2006 12:28:41 PM(GMT -5:00) 
Meeting URL:

Attendee List:
Matthew Sherman, Paul, Steve Shellhammer. 

Discuss Editorial P&P change


Decisions on Editorial changes
Hold of on 'extended' changes till concensus from Roger
	Will request more specific objections from Roger
	If anyone else objecs to extended changes please let me know so
I can proceed with them
Will leave Task Force / Task Group as is (spelled out)
Beleive usage of WG and TAG is all messed up but no clear concensus on
how to fix
	Will raise during Sunday Rules meeting
In docuement numbering section, will Delete 'm' and 'yy' since never
My more extensive changes - Roger objected generally
	Will not proceed with my extensive changes till Roger provides
specific objections
Will use little 'p' and 'i' for plenary and interim
Will replace WGs with WG
Will only address non-existent working guidein 17.1 with reference.
	Further change would be more than editorial

Mat will provide new proposed P&P revision on 'Document Numbering' for
review next week
	Intend to base on current 802.11 numbering system

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