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Re: [802SEC] +++URGENT EC Email Ballot approve expenditure of $68.7k to upgrade the network+++

I currently am inclined to vote against this unless some questions can
be satisfactorily answered.  One of my concerns raised just to EC
members was resolved by moving discussion to the reflector.  I have
edited the others in an attempt to clarify my points.  A few questions
that come quickly to mind:
1.  Is Mr. Hawkins convinced the quoted discounts are sufficient
justification for not having competitive bids/quotes on equipment?  (He
after all will have the greatest work burden with this if challenged.)
Trying to imagine being Treasurer again, I'm not fully comfortable with
a financial justification based on picking particular equipment and
comparing the offered generous discount to web pricing rather than a
comparison of different vendor's equipment of the required
2.  I see nothing in the budget for taxes.  Please explain.  Have we
confirmed with IEEE tax advisors that this purchase is exempt from sales
tax per 5.3.12 of the operations manual?  Based on timing, and Mr.
Rigsbee's explanation, I assume that vendors will be shipping at least
some equipment to Colorado.  That could make us subject to Colorado
sales taxes.  This is strictly a question about the amount on the vote
being accurate rather than there being hidden costs associated with the
proposed purchase.
3.  Similarly, I see nothing in the budget for shipping or similar
charges.  I assume we already have our old stuff on the way to Denver
and shipping for that was included in the meeting budget, but this
shipping would be additional to that previously budgeted.
I also am uncomfortable with a purchase of this size being a rush ballot
just before the meeting.  Even though based on complaints of my
constituency, we would like to see the network improved, my constituency
also are complaining about the rapid escalation in meeting fees.  We
have a fiduciary duty both to IEEE and in seeing that meeting fees are
prudently spent that this rushed ballot compromises.

-----Original Message-----
From: Paul Nikolich [mailto:paul.nikolich@ATT.NET] 
Sent: Friday, February 24, 2006 12:23 PM
Subject: [802SEC] +++URGENT EC Email Ballot approve expenditure of
$68.7k to upgrade the network+++


I've removed the confidential information from the email ballot and
request that subsequent discussion on the below motion be conducted on
the EC reflector to maintain transparency to our members.  However,
please remember not to discuss confidential pricing on the open



Dear EC Members,

This is a email ballot to make a determination on the below motion.
Colleagues, we need to close this ballot quickly, within 5 days worst
case, so please cast your ballot as soon as possible. Please contact
Buzz via telephone if possible for rapid resolution of any concerns you
may have.  

I am sending this privately to the EC members because vendor specific
pricing information is included in the attachments and it may be
confidential.  The results of the ballot will be made public.

Motion: "Motion:  To approve expenditure of  $68,725.40  to fully
implement the Network Upgrade Plan described in the attached Requisition
and Bill of Material documents."

Moved: Rigsbee
Second: Hawkins

The ballot opens 12:30PM ET Friday 24 February 2006 and closes when all
voting EC members have cast a ballot but no later than 12:30 PM ET
Wednesday 1 March 2006 if enough ballots have been cast for a decision
to be made (more than 8 approves or disapproves).


--Paul Nikolich

Vote categories:          DIS    DNV     APP    ABS
  01 Mat Sherman.     
  02 Pat Thaler.          
  03 Buzz Rigsbee.     
  04 Bob O'Hara                    
  05 John Hawkins+               
  06 Tony Jeffree.                       
  07 Bob Grow.                           
  08 Stuart Kerry                
  09 Bob Heile                   
  10 Roger Marks.                        
  11 Mike Takefman.                      
  12 Mike Lynch.                         
  13 Steve Shellhammer.                  
  14 Jerry Upton+                        
  15 Ajay Rajkumar.                      
  16 Carl Stevenson.                     
  TOTALS                  DIS    DNV     APP    ABS

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This email is sent from the 802 Executive Committee email reflector.  This list is maintained by Listserv.