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Re: [802SEC] definitions of affiliation and interest categories


I do disagree.

First, "Affiliation" and "Interest Category" have nothing to do with each 

"Interest Category" is the easiest one.
This is a self defined category which is declared in each instance of 
signing up for a Sponsor Ballot. It is the balloters relationship to the 
subject matter being balloted. It is information required by ANSI as a part 
of the balloting process that they have accredited.

Is the party to whom an 802 participant owes allegiance (however minimal 
the participant may claim the allegiance is) principally by way of 
financial sponsorship of the participants activity or perhaps by vested 
financial interest in the participants employed activity. The assumption 
being that if you are looking for that thing that lies somewhere between 
influence and control then you should "follow the money". And further, that 
transparency of affiliation is appropriate for participants is making their 
own standards related decisions.


At 09:33 AM 3/19/2006 , Bob Heile wrote:
>I believe the following is what we agreed to in Denver.  Speak up only if 
>you disagree--
>"Affiliation" refers to the entity that the 802 participant represents 
>(which may or may not be that person's employer).  If the 802 participant 
>is serving in an individual capacity, then the name of the individual, 
>that person's employer, sponsor and interest category should be 
>available.  Contact information is not required.
>Interest Category Definitions:
>User: A user is a person or entity that relies on the standard to define 
>conformance of the product or service, and to create a common 
>understanding of the operation of the product or service.
>Producer: A person or entity directly creating a compliant product, 
>component, or service, for sale or distribution.
>General Interest:  General Interest defines a group of participants in 
>standards activities that may benefit directly or indirectly, and may be 
>affected by the standard under development without being either a direct 
>user or producer of the product or service being defined in the standard.
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