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[802SEC] March 2006 Standards Board Flash

Dear EC Members,

Please see the below summary of actions taken at the March 2006 Standards Board meeting.  Thanks to Don Wright for providing the summary.



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Subject: Standards Board Flash

SAB Members: 

Here's a quick summary of what happened at this week's SA Standards Board meeting that affect the Computer Society. 

The following CS PARs were withdrawn by the Standards Board at the request of the sponsor: 

Amendment to Standard for Telecommunications and Information Exchange Between Systems - LAN/MAN Specific Requirements - Part 15.3: Wireless Medium Access Control (MAC) and Physical Layer (PHY) Specifications: Higher Speed Physical Layer Extension for the High Rate Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPAN) 

Recommended Practice for the Internet - Web Site Engineering, Web Site Management and Web Site Life Cycle - Amendment 1: Requirements for International Adoption 

The following CS PARs were approved by the Standards Board: 

Standard VHDL Language Reference Manual - Procedural Language Application Interface 

Amendment to IEEE Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks - Part 16: Air Interface for Fixed and Mobile Broadband Wireless Access Systems - Multihop Relay 

Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks: Media Access Control (MAC) Bridges - Bridging of 802.16 

Recommended Practice for Information Technology - Telecommunications and information exchange between systems - Local and metropolitan networks - Specific requirements - Part 19: Methods for assessing coexistence of wireless networks 

Standard for Reduced-pin and Enhanced-functionality Test Access Port and Boundary Scan Architecture 

The following new CS Standards were approved by the Standards Board: 

P1647/D6 (C/DA) Standard for the Functional Verification Language 'e' 

P1680/D3 (C/SAB) Standard for Environmental Assessment of Personal Computer Products (including Notebook Personal Computers, Desktop Personal Computers, and Personal Computer Monitors) 

P1074/D5.5 (C/S2E) Standard for Developing a Software Project Life Cycle Process 

P14764 (C/S2E) Standard for Software Engineering - Software Life Cycle Processes - Maintenance 

The following CS Standards were reaffirmed by the Standards Board: 

1284-2000 (C/MM) IEEE Standard Signaling Method for a Bidirectional Parallel Peripheral Interface for Personal Computers 

On other matters: 

ProCom agreed to many of the changes to the interest category definitions suggested by Jim Moore of the Computer Society.  ProCom and the staff associated with balloting also agreed that the instructions for balloters will instruct them to only chose "General Interest" only if none of the other categories apply. 

User:  A person or entity that relies or will rely on the standard to define conformance  of the product or service, and to create a common uinderstanding of the operation of the product or service. 

Producer: A person or entity that directly creates or that will create a conformant product, component, or service, for sale or distribution. 

Government/Military:  A governmental entity or a person affiliated with such entity, with direct interest in the standard being developed. 

Academic:  An educational institution or a person or entity affiliated with such institution, providing academnic review of the standard being developed. 

General Interest:  A participant in standards activities that may benefit directly or indirectly, and may be affected by the standard being developed without being primarily a member of any of the other interest categories defined for this ballot. 

It was also agreed that this cannot be the exhaustive lists of categories; sponsors must always be able to add additional  categories. 

The dates and location of the September 2006 Standards Board meeting were changed to Sept. 13-15 in Piscataway, NJ due to the lack of meeting space in Philadelphia at the PCIC meeting. 

The dates of the 2007 Standards Board meetings were approved.  They are: 
        March  20-22 in Piscataway NJ 
        June 5-7 in Piscataway NJ 
        September 25-27 in Piscataway NJ 
        December 3-5 location TBD

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