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[802SEC] ***SEC Five Day Review*** Response to ACMA Consultation "Strategies for Wireless Access Services"

Dear SEC Members,
Attached is a document that the RR-TAG proposes to file with the
Australian Telecommunications and Media Authority (ACMA). This is in
response to their consultation titled "Strategies for Wireless Access
Services". The full ACMA consultation is available on the RR-TAG web
site with the other March meeting documents. My apologies if the title
is not clear but the document number is 18-06-0021. This response was
previously submitted to the EC but the chair directed that consideration
be delayed until the RR-TAG completed the ballot process. 

I now again propose that the EC 5 day review process be started. The
content has not changed from the original document circulated to the EC
but the format has.

The RR-TAG was unable to complete this response during the Denver
meeting. It was decided to use the reflector in addition to holding
conference calls to develop this response.

The response originally needed to be filed by COB 3 April Canberra time.
Since the email ballot began the ACMA has extended the response date to
COB 19 April meaning that the RR-TAG response must be filed on 18 April
in order to meet the deadline.
The RR-TAG approved this response in the first ballot but it was
submitted for a recirc due to having had substantial format edits
suggested and accepted. In the ballot completed by the midnight CDT 10
April deadline the RR-TAG again approved it this response. 
I propose that the EC review begins now (12 April) closes at midnight
CDT 17 April.
+1 972 684 7518 (ESN 444 7518) Voice
+1 972 684 3774 (ESN 444 3775) FAX
+1 972 814 4901 (ESN 450 9401) Mobile 


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