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[802SEC] Opening EC Agenda items

Dear EC members,

The opening EC meeting for the July plenary session will be held 16 July.  I would like to have the draft opening EC agenda finalized and issued before 16 June.  Please send your agenda items to Bob O'Hara as early as possible.

Also, please send your plenary session WG, TAG and appointed officer 'status update' slides to Bob O'Hara as early as possible so he may put them on the 802 web site well before the plenary session starts.  I request that you send them to Bob no later than one week before the start of the session, 9 July 2006.

I plan to conduct the opening plenary meeting in a similar way we did it in March; a 15 minute high level 802 overview and then open the floor for Q&A.  (I'm not sure if we'll have an general presentation from anyone, like the one Michael Lindsay did in March.)  I don't remember what each of you thought of the revised opening plenary structure--please send me a note and let me know your opinion and, if possible, a summary of the pro/con opinions from your members.



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