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[802SEC] ***SEC Five Day Review***

Dear SEC Members,

On 18 August the RR-TAG held a conference call to address several issues
that have arisen since the July plenary session. Since I was enroute to
Seoul that day I asked the RR-TAG vice chair, Denis Kuwahara, to chair
the conference call. There was a quorum on the call.

One of the agenda items dealt with providing the FCC with an update on
the status of the work being done by 802.11y and 802.16h and their
possible use in the 3650 - 3700 MHz frequency band. This was in response
to inquiries by staff members from the FCC's Office of Engineering and
Technology (OET). Those inquiries had occurred during various other
meetings outside of IEEE 802. The conference call approved a document
(18-06-0055-00-0000_RR-TAG_FCC_Update.ppt) that provides an update on
the current status of the work.

The RR-TAG would like to present this update to the OET, preferably the
week of 4 September. 

I propose that the EC review closes on 25 August. Since I will be on
travel for the next several weeks I have asked Denis to continue to lead
this process. Any comments on the document should be made directly to

Regards from Seoul,


+1 972 684 7518 (ESN 444 7518) Voice
+1 972 684 3774 (ESN 444 3775) FAX
+1 972 814 4901 (ESN 450 9401) Mobile


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