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[802SEC] ***SEC Five Day Review*** Response to U.K. Ofcom Consultation "Higher power limits for license exempt devices"

Dear SEC Members,
Attached is a document that the RR-TAG proposes to file with the United
Kingdom's regulator Ofcom. This is in response to their consultation
titled "Higher power limits for license exempt devices". The full Ofcom
consultation is available on the RR-TAG web site in the July meeting
documents. The title of the consultation document is "powerlimits.pdf".
Ofcom is inquiring to understand the scope of allowing increased powers
at 2.4 and 5 GHz.

During the San Diego meeting a representative of Ofcom made a
presentation on this consultation and participated in the RR-TAG
discussions. This document was developed after those discussions and
answers specific questions that Ofcom has asked. The RR-TAG in turn has
asked questions of Ofcom regarding this consultation and expects to
discuss this matter further with the Ofcom representative during the
September meeting.

Please note that the response uses the term Wireless Broadband Access
(WBA). This is the term Ofcom uses in the consultation for what many
call "BWA".

	The RR-TAG web site can be accessed here:

The RR-TAG approved this response during the San Diego meeting but
editing was not completed in time to submit to the EC closing plenary. 

The response needs to be filed by COB 20 September U.K time.
I propose that the EC review closes on 15 September and that the
response be filed with Ofcom on that date.
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 <<Ofcom Response with cover.doc>> 

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Ofcom Response with cover.doc