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Re: [802SEC] Question on Attendance Credit

Mike and Paul,

	If there is still doubt whether 802.20 is holding an official
meeting in 10 days then I think something must have gone badly wrong.
Paul Nikolich notified the EC and the 802.20 members that there was
going to be a meeting.  People have made travel plans.  Now is not the
time to change that decision.

	You seem to imply that the EC can declare the meeting official
but Paul cannot.  That is not clear to me.

	Paul, can you give the EC guidance on if an EC vote on whether
this is an "official" meeting is appropriate?  I believe many people
have made travel plans based on your statement that 802.20 would meet. I
believe most people interpreted that to mean that the working group
would have an official meeting, since I cannot think of any other


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Dear EC,

In discussions with Arnie and Paul a few questions came up that I think
we need to make some decisions on since it is possible that they will
be brought up at the session. Paul can determine if this is a question
for the unconflicted EC or the entire EC.

1) Is the November 802.20 session duly constituted? According to our
   interim sessions require 30 days notice, not plenaries. The only
catch is
   that the notice of the lifting of suspension of 802.20 did not occur
   prior to November, although the stated goal of the SASB was to
restart ASAP.
   Plenaries are well known and the expectation of people *should* have
been that 
   this session would occur.

   That being said, I think the EC should affirm that this session is
   any other duly constituted session. 

2) Should the EC determine the session is not duly constituted then 
   I can imagine questions from attendees related to: 
   a) attendance credit for membership (does this session count)
   b) gaining of voting rights (there was a large contingent of people
      Mr. Upton said would become voting members at this session. If
      is not considered a duly constituted plenary then they don't get a
      for voting rights until March
   c) voting at the meeting, if this isn't a duly constituted meeting,
is it
      the equivalent of a Study Group meeting, where all attendees vote?

3) Matt Sherman has sent email to the dot20 reflector, stating that they
   to get their affiliation statements in by tonight in order to
   Will we allow anyone who attends the meeting to sign a form there? If
   do they get to participate fully? I can imagine 2 classes of people:
   a) People who have already attended meetings, and should be on the
   b) People who for some reason are attending for the first time ever
      therefore would not necessarily be part of the reflector.  

If someone can think of other questions that are likely to come up,
please chime in.

Having posed the questions, let me start with my answers to start the

1) This is a valid session, the stakeholders of this process should be
ready to 
   go once the SASB removed the suspension.

2) I believe the normal rules for attendance credit, gaining voting
rights and voting
   at the session apply. 

   Arnie is free of course as chair to ask questions twice. Once to the
   and once to the entire room. However, I think that anyone who wishes
to be part of
   a straw poll has to have filled out a declaration of affiliation.
This brings us
   to point 3

3) Anyone who is a current attendee of dot20 (is a member, or about to
become a member)
   and did not send in a form, does not get to vote this session. If
they fill out a form
   this session, they can be in straw polls.

   Anyone who is a new attendee, or cannot become a member can fill out
a declaration form
   and be part of straw polls.

I assume the following motions (or something like it) would be made

"Move to confirm that the 802.20 Plenary Session is duly constituted"

"Move to restrict voting at the 802.20 Plenary Session to 802.20 voting
members who
completely fulfilled the affiliation declaration requirement on time"




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