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Re: [802SEC] January 2008 Pacific Rim Interim-response needed


1.  I have to amend this question to be able to comment on them, because
I don't take 802.3 anywhere, there tell me where to go. (Pun
appropriate.)  Meeting sites may be influenced, but are nonetheless a
consensus decision.  As pointed out on multiple occasions, 802.3 does
not hold interim meetings, though 802.3 subgroups do hold interim
meetings and are encouraged to co-locate.  Ballot schedules are likely
to make January 2008 interim scheduling fragmented. I do not believe my
subgroups would choose to support a 2008 Sydney meeting. 

2.  We did receive subgroup support for our May 2007 Geneva interim and
encouragement to initiate planning of a September 2007 Korea meeting
(costs not yet known).  My participants could appropriately be
characterized as penurious, and cost will be the major factor for any
interim meeting, North America or not.  They are more likely to support
a different Pacific Rim location, but cost (room rate and meeting fee)
will be the dominant criteria (travel convenience being secondary with
weather and amenities also being considerations).

--Bob Grow

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Subject: [802SEC] January 2008 Pacific Rim Interim-response needed
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EC Colleagues

Given that we did not have an opportunity to complete the discussion at 
Friday's meeting, I need you to get back to me (no later than close of 
business Nov 28) with answers to the following two questions.  If I do
hear from you, I will assume the answer is no.  You can assume that
Rim locations will be at least as expensive as London in terms of 
registration fees if not more so. Room rates should be substantially
and more on a par with US locations.  Every effort will be made to keep 
costs down.

1.  Would you bring your WG to an interim in Sydney in Jan 2008?
2.  If you answer to the first question is no, would a location
in the Pacific Rim change your answer?

Based on the number of yes responses to the first question, I will see
it possible to put together a workable session with the interested
for review.


Bob Heile, Ph.D
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