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[802SEC] One More 802.11 PAR for July 2007 session

802 EC Colleagues,

802.11 expects to present one more PAR for approval at the closing EC
in July 2007, over and above the current P802.11s and P802.11z PARs already 
submitted to the you recently.  

The PAR is a PAR extension to the currently approved P802.11n Enhancements
Higher Throughput.

The P802.11n NesCom PAR pre-submittal document and other related documents 
can be found by going to the URL below:


/ Stuart


Stuart J. Kerry 
Chair, IEEE 802.11 WLANs WG 

c/o: NXP Semiconductors,
1109 McKay Drive, M/S 48A SJ, 
San Jose, CA 95131-1706, 
United States of America. 
+1 (408) 474-7356 - Phone 
+1 (408) 474-5343 - Fax 
+1 (408) 348-3171 - Cell 

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