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[802SEC] Proposed 802 Chair's Guideline Pertaining to Patents Etc.

802 EC Colleagues.

Paul Nikolich has asked me to forward the attached document to you all in advance, regarding the proposed addition to his 802 Chair's Guidelines that would pertain to the IEEE patent policy etc, within 802.

At Paul's request I have been working with David Law and the following folks at the IEEE namely, Dave Ringle, Karen Kenney, Michael Lindsay, and Claire Topp. We have now reached consensus within this group and with this Paul will present for information and discussion at the opening EC meeting during our San Francisco meeting.

May I respectfully suggest that you review the document in advance and bring your comments and suggestions with you and make them when Paul presents.

On behalf of Paul, thank you for your consideration.


/ Stuart


Stuart J. Kerry 
Chair, IEEE 802.11 WLANs WG 

c/o: NXP Semiconductors,
1109 McKay Drive, M/S 48A SJ, 
San Jose, CA 95131-1706, 
United States of America. 
+1 (408) 474-7356 - Phone 
+1 (408) 474-5343 - Fax 
+1 (408) 348-3171 - Cell 

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802 Chairs Patent Policy Guidelines .doc