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[802SEC] FW: Public comment recruitment of MIC Japan

Dear EC,
Here is an English summary of the Japanese Administration's proposal to
impose fees on unlicensed devices.
The Japanese regulator has plans to begin charging a usage free for
unlicensed products. This is not an unheard of matter; the U.S. has/had
a process that did the same for the 1910 - 1930 MHz frequency band. The
discussions on this are still ongoing within the Japanese
The RR-TAG has reviewed this situation and finds it difficult or
impossible to actually comment in opposition to this action.
We remain ready to discuss this but for now plan no further action.
Please contact me if you would like the Japanese text.


From: Kazuhiro Murakami [] 
Sent: Tuesday, July 17, 2007 10:55
To:; Lynch, Michael (RICH1:2H50)
Subject: Public comment recruitment of MIC Japan

Dear Mr.. Kerry and Mr.. Lynch
I am kaz Murakami.
I would like to send partial translation and summary of MIC Japan
document for public comment recruitment.
Attached files are
    1.  Partial translation and summary Public comment information of
MIC Japan.doc
    2.  MIC Japan Japanese document 1 (Outline of the report of
committee) 070705_3_bs1.pdf
     3.  MIC Japan Japanese document 2 (Original report of committee)
     4.  MIC Japan Japanese document 3 How to submit)  070705_3_bs3.pdf
    5.  MIC Japan Japanese document 4 (Comment form of MS word
2-4 are reference for person who know Japanese and Japanese font is
needed to watch contents.
5 is formal comment sheet of MIC Japan (Please use this file to send)
MIC requests all opinion, comment, and message in email in Japanese.
And for the comment, you must describe precisely which chapter and
clause and which page you must target to make comment 
I think if you make comment, you must ask embassy of USA in Japan to
translate and send them by email.
I have watched public comment for MIC Japan  form USA embassy in Japan .
Best regards
Kazuhiro Murakami
P.S  I can't read your personal email address

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Public comment information of MIC Japan.doc