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Re: [802SEC] Fwd: IEEE-SA News Update for September 20, 2007


I don't see anything that would lead me to believe that it is
"sanctioned" by 802. And since it is clearly not presenting 802's view
on anything, but is merely a "discussion on standards history and the
standards development process", I can't imagine that it could stray into
some territory that would concern me as a member of the 802 EC. I expect
many of us have given public or semi-public talks dealing with
standards, especially the specific standards that our WGs produce. As
long as no one were to ever claim to represent said WG or 802, then I
see no problem with such talks. The fact that someone is an officer of
the EC or of a WG is merely part of their credentials, helping justify
why someone might be willing to pay money to listen to them blather on
(excuse me, talk) about the subject at issue.


On 9/20/2007 11:01 AM, Geoff Thompson wrote:
> Colleagues-
> This announcement troubles me. Although it does not say that it is
> being presented "in cooperation with IEEE 802" there is certainly a
> strong impression given (especially since it is being moderated by our
> chair) that this event is sanctioned by 802. I don't recall ever
> having discussed this one way or the other in the EC. Even without any
> prejudice about how a discussion in the EC might turn out, I am uneasy
> about this. I would be interested in your thoughts.
> Geoff
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>> The IEEE Educational Activities Board in cooperation with the IEEE
>> Standards Association is presenting a first of its kind standards
>> education workshop. Through this workshop, attendees can learn about
>> the important role IEEE 802 Wireless Standards play in manufacturing
>> and production processes. In association with IEEE GLOBECOM, the
>> workshop is scheduled to take place 30 November to 1 December 2007 in
>> Washington, DC.
>> The workshop will feature a comprehensive panel discussion on
>> standards history and the standards development process featuring the
>> following speakers:
>> Moderator:
>> Paul Nikolich, chairman, IEEE 802 LAN/MAN standards executive committee,
>> Panelists:
>> John R. Barr, director, standards realization, Motorola
>> Roger B. Marks senior vice president, NextWave Broadband Inc.
>> Fanny Mlinarsky, president at octoScope
>> Albert Petrick, vice chairman, IEEE 802.11
>> Donald E. Purcell, chairman, Center for Global Standards Analysis
>> Topics that will be covered in the lectures include: wireless LAN
>> Standards for Wi-Fi Solutions, the development of WPAN ecosystem
>> standards, the basis of WiMAX mobile broadband networks, and
>> performance requirements and verification of the IEEE 802 wireless
>> technologies.
>> IEEE Members save $150 (USD) on registration and IEEE GLOBECOM
>> attendees save an additional $50 (USD). IEEE Student Members are
>> encouraged to attend and are offered a significantly reduced
>> registration fee where they save $400 (USD).
>> To register for the workshop visit
>> For more information and to review the preliminary program visit
>> Through the Standards Information Network, a specialized program that
>> publishes handbooks, guides and tutorials on IEEE standards, we offer
>> a series of publications covering the IEEE 802 Wireless Network
>> standards upon which the workshop is based. To learn more visit
>> Think Standards! Think IEEE!
>> IEEE Standards Association
>> 445 Hoes Lane
>> Piscataway, NJ 08854
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