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Re: [802SEC] Fwd: IEEE-SA News Update for September 20, 2007


	What is the rule on this?  Is there a rule?  I know we have some
rules regarding 802.18 representing 802 to regulatory organizations.
Are there other rules regarding giving presentations at workshops or
other presentations?  I know Roger was recently giving a presentation on
802.16 in San Diego (where I live) at a local IEEE meeting.  Was he
supposed to clear such a presentation with the EC?

	I think if the EC has some expectations on such presentations it
is obligated to document those expectations, otherwise 802 members will
not know what those expectations are, and would be left guessing.


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This announcement troubles me. Although it does not say that it is being

presented "in cooperation with IEEE 802" there is certainly a strong 
impression given (especially since it is being moderated by our chair)
this event is sanctioned by 802. I don't recall ever having discussed
one way or the other in the EC. Even without any prejudice about how a 
discussion in the EC might turn out, I am uneasy about this. I would be 
interested in your thoughts.


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>From: "IEEE Standards Association" <>
>The IEEE Educational Activities Board in cooperation with the IEEE 
>Standards Association is presenting a first of its kind standards 
>education workshop. Through this workshop, attendees can learn about
>important role IEEE 802 Wireless Standards play in manufacturing and 
>production processes. In association with IEEE GLOBECOM, the workshop
>scheduled to take place 30 November to 1 December 2007 in Washington,
>The workshop will feature a comprehensive panel discussion on standards

>history and the standards development process featuring the following 
>Paul Nikolich, chairman, IEEE 802 LAN/MAN standards executive
>John R. Barr, director, standards realization, Motorola
>Roger B. Marks senior vice president, NextWave Broadband Inc.
>Fanny Mlinarsky, president at octoScope
>Albert Petrick, vice chairman, IEEE 802.11
>Donald E. Purcell, chairman, Center for Global Standards Analysis
>Topics that will be covered in the lectures include: wireless LAN 
>Standards for Wi-Fi Solutions, the development of WPAN ecosystem 
>standards, the basis of WiMAX mobile broadband networks, and
>requirements and verification of the IEEE 802 wireless technologies.
>IEEE Members save $150 (USD) on registration and IEEE GLOBECOM
>save an additional $50 (USD). IEEE Student Members are encouraged to 
>attend and are offered a significantly reduced registration fee where
>save $400 (USD).
>To register for the workshop visit 
>For more information and to review the preliminary program visit 
>Through the Standards Information Network, a specialized program that 
>publishes handbooks, guides and tutorials on IEEE standards, we offer a

>series of publications covering the IEEE 802 Wireless Network standards

>upon which the workshop is based. To learn more visit 
>Think Standards! Think IEEE!
>IEEE Standards Association
>445 Hoes Lane
>Piscataway, NJ 08854
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