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Re: [802SEC] Chair re-election - proposed interpretation/rules change

Further comments in context below ... 

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> interpretation/rules change
> I heartily agree.
> On 11/8/2007 3:21 PM, Grow, Bob wrote:
> > Colleagues:
> >
> > We will have a much cleaner P&P if as much as possible we 
> centralize the voting and think carefully before specifying 
> what majority is required throughout the document.

Agreed ...

>  Tony 
> listed a number of permutations.  I think it would be best to 
> state how a vote in a meeting is counted and only where 
> necessary put in language that either intentionally or 
> unintentionally defines the denominator.  So, in this case, 
> if the desire of the waiver of term limits is to be a 75% of 
> Y/Y+N, then only the 75% majority of a meeting vote belongs 
> in the waiver requirement and the specification of what is a 
> denominator is covered in the general section.

I think that whatever percentage is specified in any section of our P&P,
the demonimator should always be clearly specified as Y/(Y+N) of those
present and voting (abstains and "did not votes" should not count in the

Then, if we want/feel_we_need_to set a higher bar than a simple majority
for a particular item in other sections of our P&P, then all we need to
do is to say "by a vote of xx% of the EC."  And the general section on
voting should say something like, "Unless specified elsewhere as a specific
requirement for a particular voting issue, a simple majority (Y/(Y+N))
of those voting members of the EC present and voting, or voting via an
electronic ballot, shall be required to decide the matter.  In any case
where this P&P requires a higher percentage threshold of approval than a
simple majority, that percentage shall be determined on the basis of
(Y/(Y+N)) of those voting members of the EC present and voting."


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