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Re: [802SEC] Motion to amend Rome to Vancouver


RROR says that I can amend a motion that is already passed. It is essentially another form of the motion to rescind. RROR is usually sensible when you get down to it and doesn't require doing two motions - one to rescind and another to put the correct action in place when it could be done with one motion to "amend something previously adopted: 

From RROR Chapter IX Motions that bring a question again before the assembly, Section 35 Rescind; Amend something previously adopted:

By means of the motions to Rescind and to Amend Something Previously Adopted - which are two forms of one [page 294] incidental main motion governed by identical rules - the assembly can change an action previously taken or ordered. Rescind - also known as Repeal or Annul - is the motion by which a previous action or order can be canceled or countermanded. The effect of Rescind is to strike out an entire main motion, resolution, rule, bylaw, section, or paragraph that has been adopted at some previous time. Amend Something Previously Adopted is the motion that can be used if it is desired to change only a part of the text, or to substitute a different version. 

Therefore, if you think it would be legitimate to rescind, it is just as legitimate to amend the motion previously adopted. They run under exactly the same rules.


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I don't think that you can ammend a motion that already passed.

You can make a motion to recind the previous action and adopt a different
decision, however, and be procedurally correct.

Again, while I'm not Paul, according to my understanding of our rules, our
session ended at 6:00 pm EST on Friday with the close of the EC meeting, so
it is no longer a motion to reconsider that would require the motion be made
by one on the prevailing side.


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> Subject: [802SEC] Motion to amend Rome to Vancouver
> Colleagues,
> The list server seems to not like something about my post of 
> the motion
> to amend our decision on plenary location for March 2009. So 
> here it is
> without the rationale. I hope that will get rid of whatever 
> word in the
> message is causing a problem.
> If Paul rules that it is in order, I would like to make a motion to
> amend the previously adopted motion to replace "Rome" with 
> "Vancouver".
> Regards,
> Pat
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